Stagecoach West - Serenade
Sharky and the Fins
"Special Topics"

Here are a couple really cute animated holiday cards created by our good friends Jim and Joanne. Thanks pals!

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree At the (Bunny) Hop Big Hair Christmas Animation

As you would probably guess if you've seen us at gigs, we like to keep ourselves amused. Here are Jim's versions of come common advertisements. Thanks to Jim's design students at EWU for the editing.

Jim's Bucket O' Fun Cash for Jewelry Web Bailout Opportunity
Tax Help Class Action  

One of our favorite pastimes is to think up better names for our band. Here is a few of our favorites. Actually, we would be happy to appear as one of these options should you hire us! How many other groups would let you name them? Best wishes from Pete, Fritz (Jim), Matt (John), Randy (Officer), and Rick.

The Mellow Tonens A very relaxing band. Boys Will Be Noise Depends on your point of view...
Stinko de Mayo Not a very talented Mexican band. Bieber's Monkey Always in the news, for some reason we don't understand.
Chip and the Four Putts Great for your country club parties. We might even give you a special price if you let us play your course. Kahuna and the Tunas We have actually used this name more than once for Hawaiian shirt-type parties.
Boffo This band would just have to have great reviews! Beano and the Windbreakers We advise hiring them for outdoor gigs only.
Stumpy and the Loggers Specializing in "Logger Rock". (Have you ever heard of an actual entertainer named Buzz Martin? We have his album! We could perform some of his hits, including Used Log Truck, or Fire Danger.) Suspendered Animation An aging rock band making the change from spandex to more comfortable clothes.
The Lizards A great lounge band with matching velour jackets. ("Hey don't you go changin'!") Play n' Pak Quick in. Quick out. You can pay with your VISA.
Old Men on the Make We actually used this name playing at the Eagles lodge. We wore bow ties, baggy pants, suspenders and bedroom slippers. A tongue-in-cheek tribute to the popular Spokane band: Men in the Making. Off Year Rockers A really wild and crazy rock band.
Herb and the Rhythm Carps Basing our wardrobe decisions on that of Herb Tarlek of WKRP in Cincinnati. Lots of plaid slacks. We actually used this name once. Sold Out House Standing room only for this really popular band, even if they stink.
Foul Bill and the Bunts Foul Bill likes to comment on the latest Mariners' loss. Most of the songs they do are not hits. The Conundrummers It's hard to explain this percussion band.
Zigazag Toots An Egyptian band that competes with the Toots Uncommon band. (Zigazag is an actual location in Egypt!) Randy and the Coppers A "soft-metal" band. (Actually, though now retired, Randy was a police officer and later a warrant officer.)
Linc Chain and the Swinging Gates They play all the hits: "Unchained Melody" "Don't Fence Me In" "Unchain My Heart" "Chain Gang" "Empty Saddles in the Old Corral" "Chain of Fools". But if they don't play very often, the Gates can get a little rusty. (censored)

We shared a stage with an actual band named Willie and the Weiners.
So, with Pete in the band, couldn't we be
Pete and the Peters?

Stagecoast West Notice it is not Stagecoach West! This name had to be on the list because it is what at least 20% of our dear clients write down. We see it somewhere every month. And although amazed, we are fine with that! Al Paka and the Fuzztones Love to hear them play Wooley Bully and sing "rama llama ding dong."

A Singing Duo We Would Enjoy:

Julie London singing with Westminster Abby.

Favorite Quote:

"Guitarists are high-strung, and they fret a lot."

Movies We Would Like to See Made:

Blues singer by night. Undercover agent by day: "Bo Deadly "

Drama and Jets on the I-5 Corridor: "Another Tukwila Sunrise"

Favorite Name Ideas for Our Next CD:

"If Only We Sounded This Good."     "Feelin' Albright"     "Johnny B Gone"     "Hawaiian Noises"