Stagecoach West - Serenade
Sharky and the Fins
Setup Details if Sound System Supplied by Client


We do have our own PA house and monitor systems that are available and adequate for most small to medium venues. However, for larger venues or for engagements that are not near Spokane, clients will often arrange for a commercial sound system to be supplied for us. In that case, arrangements must be made for a sound check well before the audience will arrive.

Five Piece Setup Details

(We sometimes play as a four-piece with one less singer/guitarist. In that case a vocal microphone needs to be suppled for the drummer.)

• We will bring only our own instruments and instrument amplifiers, and our own drum set. We assume the house PA, monitor system, and all microphones, stands, and associated cables, will be supplied.
• Drummer upstage center. Riser preferred. Uses a modest trap set (one kick, two upper toms, one floor tom, one snare, high-hat, two cymbals). Does not sing but needs a monitor for cues.
• Keyboardist down stage right. Has keyboard amp. Also sings lead.
• Bassist down stage center-right. Has amp stack that will probably stand stage right of the drum riser. Also sings lead.
• Guitarist down center left. Has a 100watt guitar amp. Also sings lead.
• Guitarist down stage left. Has a 60watt guitar amp. Also sings lead.
• We are all used to singing with Shure SM58 Betas or SM58s.

Setup Illustration